michael's site


colinear Iodine (2024-) - Eyebrow-raisingly cheap model hosting
polymer Polymer (2022) 🪦 - Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
🔗 Colinear (2021) 🪦 - Trustless payments processor
aspys Aspys (2020-21) 🪦 - Phishing detection for enterprise orgs


army DEVCOM ARL (Summer 2023) - Multi-UAV Navigation Strategies
berkeley-me Berkeley Fire Research (Fall 2022) - Pyrometric imaging
caltech Caltech (Summer 2021) - Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy


yapeco - Typed environment config module for Python
RSF Analytics - Heatmap of berkeley rsf weight room
Docugen - Generate code documentation using OpenAI LLMs
Apebrain - Vim-like todo list for monotaskers
Chainrec - Blockchain copyright record store w/ private metadata
HabitsWithFriends - Habit accountability app with friends
Alohabux - Blockchain-in-a-tab microproject
Textifier - Type in regional indicator emojis on Discord
Poshdirtitle - Powershell title in tabbed terminals
Comrade bot - Voting-based Discord moderation bot
AutoCatSitter - Scuffed iot camera for my cat